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REPowerEU: affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe

What is REPowerEU?


As of 2022, 85% of Europeans think that the EU should reduce its dependency on Russian gas and oil and by acting together the Union should support Ukraine and achieve its own energy independence.


In light of the new geopolitical reality and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the European Commission’s plan on reducing Europe’s dependency from fossil fuels before 2030, REPowerEU presents new measures set on diversifying, saving and accelerating clean energy.




As for producing clean energy and reducing the EU’s dependency on fossil fuels, it is required faster electrification, replacing fossil fuels in the industry and public sector with renewables.


It has been proven that renewables produce cheaper and cleaner energy while reducing the need for energy imports. In relation to that, the European Commission has proposed to increase the Union’s target for 2030 for renewables from 40% to 45%. The REPowerEU Plan will bring the energy generation capacities to 1,236 GW by 2030 as well. Another part of the Plan has envisioned the boost of the EU’s Solar Strategy in photovoltaic energy.


For the industry, in the reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, it is essential to replace or reduce the use of coal, oil and gas in industrial processes. The transition to cleaner energy resources will strengthen the European industry’s competitiveness and technology development.


The other aspect in reducing energy use is saving energy which is the safest, cheapest and cleanest method. It is also the easiest because everyone can be involved through daily activities and individual actions which have positive outcomes not only for the environment but for us as well, such as – reducing our energy bills, helping for a more resilient economy and in the transitioning toward a greener economy. Some other measures in saving energy, supported by the European Commission include Reducing heating temperatures, Using household appliances more efficiently, Driving more economically, Shifting to more public transport and active mobility and switching off the lights.


The REPowerEU Plan and its implementation is funded mainly through The Recovery and Resilience Facility where member states of the EU have to add REPowerEU chapters in their Recovery and Resilience Plans.


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