The construction sector plays an important role in the European economy as it generates almost 10% of GDP and provides approx. 20 million jobs (see COM/2012/0433 final). In the same time Cedefop’s 2016 Skills Forecast suggests that employment in construction will grow during 2015-2025, Member States will need to replace an ageing workforce, around 1 mln. new workers will be needed by 2025.


States will need to replace an ageing workforce, around 1 mln. new workers will be needed by 2025. The ECSO 2017 report (Improving the Human Capital Basis) also identifies the major structural barriers in the area: Decrease in the number of young skilled workers and ageing workforce. The report underlines energy efficiency as one of the main drivers of skills development in the sector.


The project "Transforming VET in Construction – Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency" (BEE-VET) joins the efforts of eight organisations from four countries in order to address the highlighted challenges in the construction sector and to contribute for narrowing the gap between school and business with a focus on practical innovation-oriented learning by using of digital technologies.



Through cooperation between VET schools (from BG, SK, TK), suppliers of trainings, literature and methodological guidance in the field of education (from BG and SK), leading companies oriented to R&D and advanced technologies (from BG and TK) and an university which is a pioneer in introducing innovations into education and training, the BEE-VET consortium aims to design, develop, test, validate, exploit, disseminate and sustain a set of interrelated innovative products with a sound effect both for the secondary VET and the construction sector.



The main objectives of the project are, as follows:


-Interactive training materials on green, sustainable and energy efficient construction for upper secondary VET students on the application of new and advanced technologies/materials in the construction sector, i.e. BEE-VET Digital Toolkit.

-Methodological materials for VET teachers in specific vocational subjects providing guidance on the using, inclusion and presentation of the Digital Toolkit as an effective tool, supporting the modernisation of VET training programs in Construction and promoting the use of digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways, i.e. BEE-VET Teachers Handbook;

-Concept for curriculum update based on the information from the four partners’ countries and EU best practices identified, as well as on the specific products prepared, mapping expected learning outcomes acquired by VET students in the field of Construction to allow their transnational mobility and recognition of knowledge, skills and competencies, i.e. BEE-VET Concept for Curriculum Update.



  • VET teachers in specific vocational subjects;
  • Upper-secondary VET students in specialties in construction;
  • Company mentors and workers in the field of Construction, policy-making authorities.