Transforming VET in Construction

Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency


The project "Transforming VET in Construction – Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency" (BEE-VET) joins the efforts of eight organisations from four countries in order to address the highlighted challenges in the construction sector and to contribute for narrowing the gap between school and business with a focus on practical innovation-oriented learning by using of digital technologiesŸ...


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The key OBJECTIVE of the BEE-VET project is to design, develop, test, validate, exploit,

disseminate and sustain a set of interrelated innovative products with a sound effect both for the school based VET and the construction sector:

he project "Transforming VET in Construction – Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency"

1. BEE-VET Digital Toolkit


Interactive training materials on green, sustainable and energy efficient construction for upper secondary VET students on the application of new and advanced technologies/materials in the construction sector.

2.  BEE-VET Teachers Handbook

Methodological materials for VET teachers in specific vocational subjects providing guidance on the using the developed Digital Toolkit as an effective tool, supporting the modernisation of VET training programs in Construction and promoting the use of digital technologies in creative, collaborative and efficient ways.



he project "Transforming VET in Construction – Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency"

he project "Transforming VET in Construction – Innovative Materials for Building and Energy Efficiency"

3.  BEEVET Concept for Curriculum Update

Concept for curriculum update based on the information from the four partners’ countries

participating in the project and European best practices identified, as well as on the specific products prepared, mapping expected learning outcomes acquired by VET students in the field of Construction to allow their transnational mobility and recognition of knowledge, skills and competencies.




VET teachers in specific vocational subjects


Upper-secondary VET students in specialties in construction


Company mentors and workers in the field of Construction







Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria
RAABE Bulgaria is specialised in publishing professional and methodological literature in the field of education and training to cover various vocational fields. The company is also experienced in organising trainings, seminars and conferences targeting directors and teachers of education institutions, the public sector, as well as enterprise managers. RAABE offers to its target groups professionally designed and developed, tested, and validated products – a fact that has made RAABE Bulgaria successful partner to support the education, training and professional development of various institutions and businesses.


The Sofia High School of Building, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev” has been established in 1909. The VET schools providers education to approx. 900 students per annum, distributed in the following vocations: Construction/Building Technician, Technician in Gardening/Green areas, Geodesist, Real estate broker. The school provides secondary VET specialists which are sought on the labour market and usually got successfully employed in different fields of construction, architecture, geodesy, real estate due to their professional training received at the school.


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Elin Pelin, Bulgaria Graz, Austria
Baumit Bulgaria is established in 1995. It is 100% owned by Smidt Industry Holding – Austria. For more than two decades the company shows sustainable development on the market and proves to be a leader in the integration of new technologies and innovations. Baumit provides a wide range of products for the construction industry – glue and ground coating mixtures for thermoisolation, plasters and paints, tile glues, industrial coatings, products for renovation of historical buildings etc. Quality management and Environment protection are an integral part of the production processes within the company. FH JOANNEUM (FHJ) is one of Austria`s leading universities of applied sciences which considers the production of knowledge and passing it on, as well as research and training, as processes, which are inseparably connected with each other, they enrich and strengthen each other. FHJ is committed to stimulating innovation through R&D in order to meet sustainability goals and societal needs in line with the principle 'from idea to implementation'. Education provided by FHJ is based on permanent transfer of knowledge between teaching and R&D.


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Ankara, Turkey Ankara, Turkey
Ortaköy 80.Yıl MTAL is a vocational and industrial high school with 1200 students, located on the way of Samsun-Kırıkkale, in a rural area of Ankara. It also provides adult education (for age 20+) to the learners who have no chance to get their education at daytime because of their ongoing working life. Our vocational school covers a number of areas which are oriented to construction and buildings, incl. Electricity - Electronics Technologies, Machinery Technologies, Wood Technologies, Metal Technologies, Climating and Ventilation Technologies. Erdemler Soğutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district in 2000. It gradually became one of the distinguished companies on the market with its quality products in the cooling sector. Nowadays the company is developing products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technologies used by the leading companies in the field of construction. Тhe company is now one of the leading companies in the cooling industry with more than 15 years of experience and a number of projects carried out both at home and abroad.


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Bratislava, Slovakia Bratislava, Slovakia
Stredná priemyselná škola stavebná a geodetická is a secondary VET school in Bratislava, Slovakia, with 70 years of proffessional history. It provides 4-year VET for students in two vocations, corresponding to ISCED 345 – Construction and Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre. The school makes efforts in tackling with the decreasing level of interest towards VET. The students acquire extensive professional qualification, knowledge, skills and competencies in drafting of technical documentation and designs in the field of construction.


EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA Ltd. (“Expol”) is a Slovak professional publishing house active in the field of education and training. Expol was founded in February 1997 as a textbooks publishing house and for 22 years, it has been one of the largest textbook publishers in Slovakia. In its portfolio, the company has more than 200 titles, textbooks and workbooks. We are also developing supporting educational materials, such as various methodologies for teachers. Since 2017, we have been organizing training seminars for teachers all over Slovakia with a focus on working with innovative educational materials.


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