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Focus group discussions for evaluation of the BEE-VET Project Outputs

In June 2022 a number of focus group discussions have been held to assess the outputs of the BEE-VET project.


Near 60 VET teachers and trainers from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Turkey took part in the evaluation of the BEE-VET Teachers’ Handbook.


Officials from the national and local authorities in the Vocational Education and Training, as well as representatives of academia, private companies, branch and professional associations in the field of construction from Austria, Bulgaria and Turkey have involved in the discussions regarding the concept for improvement of curricula in secondary VET – Towards Green Construction and Energy Efficiency. The evaluation of the Concept with stakeholders from Slovakia is forthcoming.


The majority of the participants in the focus group discussions evaluated the presented project products positively and contributed with valuable comments and recommendations which we will incept while finalizing the publications.


The BEE-VET project team is thankful to all participants in the discussions!