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Baumit Beton All In – a new eco-friendly product

Everyone who has made home repairs has faced the challenges with construction waste and disposal, since the disposal of such waste is forbidden in normal waste bins and is strictly regulated. Moreover, large construction sites face the same problem, as well as transportation, involvement of people and more complex regulation of construction waste. Transportation requires specialized equipment, which in turn generates carbon dioxide emissions. Disposal of construction waste in unregulated landfills carries the risk of large fines.


Baumit as an innovator for healthy lifestyle and having in mind the construction waste disposal problem has begun the manufacture of a series of products, the processing of which does not leave packaging waste.


One of the developed products is BETON ALL IN concrete – a factory-prepared dry mix in bags made of cellulose fibres, which dissolve in it during mixing with water. With this new product, the construction waste can be significantly reduced while stimulating the construction process and avoiding other costs – transportation, involvement of people, etc.


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