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What is sustainable construction and why is it important?

Sustainable construction signifies that when building new structures, the used materials are renewable and recyclable, as well as reducing energy consumption and waste during the process. The goal of this type of construction is to reduce the impact of the industry on the environment.


However, the sustainable construction doesn’t end when the building is complete. The building has to have a minimal impact on the environment over its lifespan which means that the design itself should have positive elements and influence on the building’s environment.


Sustainable construction is very important because the construction industry itself has a huge negative impact on the environment whilst the sustainable construction uses sustainable materials which don’t affect the environment that much. It also achieves to use renewable energy during the process while utilizing materials such as wood (from properly managed forests which are able to provide a living habitat), sustainable concrete, alternative brick materials or even plastic.


Of course there are some challenges of adopting the sustainable construction. It is not an overnight process and the main challenge here is the cost. The costs and affordability present a great challenge to most construction firms. However, there are many benefits from adopting the sustainable construction. One of them is a building which is worth more which is proven by a research that states that green buildings demand a 7% increase in value compared to traditional buildings. Another benefit is the corporate social responsibility (CSR). By adopting sustainable construction and having similar prices, data research shows that 91% of costumers are more likely to switch to a company which supports a good cause (in this case reducing the negative impact on the environment from construction sites). Also another research shows that green buildings come with lower operating costs. The use of sustainable technologies and materials can bring to great savings while reducing waste which by itself also reduces fees charged by the waste management company.


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