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What is vocational education and training?

Ментор-работник в строителния сектор

If we have to give a simple idea of what vocational education and training is, we can say that it offers knowledge and skills that are directly related to work.


By developing skills that are specific to a trade or job role, you can improve your employment prospects, get ahead in your current career or even turn a hobby into a business.


A common concept about vocational education and training (VET) is that it only covers practical, hands-on subjects like construction, plumbing or tailoring services but this is not completely true – over the last thirty years and now offers a huge range of choice in subjects related to a wide range of careers.


Modern vocational education allows people to acquire practical skills and activities specific to a chosen job role. Those who undertake vocational training or apprenticeships can expect to learn a lot about themselves, and to discover talents they didn’t know they had.


Vocational education and training is suitable for people who want to turn the theory into practice straight away and to learn directly in the workplace. Many companies and sectors even have their own dedicated training facilities. Companies around the world are investing time and money in high quality vocational education and training to ensure high performance and results.