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What is energy efficiency?

Енергийна ефективност - еко крушки

The term “energy efficiency” is used a lot these days. Labels on appliances, advertisements from energy companies and even promises from the government all use the phrase, but what does it really mean?


Energy efficiency, means using less energy to provide the same level of energy. It is therefore one method to reduce human greenhouse gas emissions.


For example if a house is insulated, less energy is used in heating and cooling to achieve a satisfactory temperature. Another example is installing fluorescent lights or skylights, instead of incandescent lights, to attain the same level of illumination.


Efficient energy use is achieved primarily by means of a more efficient technology or process. Energy efficient buildings, industrial processes and transportation could reduce the world’s energy needs in 2050 by one third, and help controlling global emissions of greenhouse gases.


Making homes, vehicles, and businesses more energy efficient is seen as a largely untapped solution to addressing global warming, energy security, and fossil fuel depletion.


Nowadays energy efficiency is used in both electronics and construction sectors.