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New NSW policy for energy-efficient homes

At the end of August 2022, a new policy for sustainable buildings and state environmental planning was introduced for helping New South Wales (NSW) to reach net-zero emissions in Australia while increasing the energy efficiency and comfortability of buildings.


According to Matt Kean, the Minister of energy of New South Wales, the new policy sets new standards and envisions the reduction of household energy bills via improving homes’ design and insulation.


Kean said:

People living in new high-rise apartments in suburban Sydney will save up to $150 a year, new Western Sydney homeowners will see a reduction of $720 a year, and our regional communities as much as $970 a year.’ According to the minister’s words, ’NSW is also raising the bar with this first-of-its-kind policy in energy efficiency and sustainability for new offices and hotels’.


Meanwhile Anthony Roberts – New South Wales Minister for planning and Minister for Homes, says that the introduced policy establishes new criteria and standards for creating more sustainable and energy efficient non-habitable buildings. These standards include energy, water and thermal performance of the building. All of the new requirements can be viewed on the online Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) tool which can measure the greenhouse emissions produced in the process of building a building.


Roberts also announced that the target was to reduce emissions, by saving 260,000 tons of CO2 while reaching climate neutrality by 2050.


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