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More than 330 students took part in a web-survey under BEE VET project


A web-survey for one of BEE VET project outputs – the Digital Toolkit was successfully conducted in three stages with students from Bulgaria, Turkey and Slovakia from March to June 2021. The testing of the Digital Toolkit took place in both online and face-to-face environment.


VET students from different specialties such as Building materials, Energy efficiency of buildings, Construction and architecture, Hydro construction, Transport construction, Building and geodesy from different grades that enrolled for the testing worked with all 11 topics from the Toolkit. They filled a questionnaire concerning the usefulness, applicability and satisfaction of the materials included in the BEE VET Digital Toolkit.


As a result, participants stated that the materials are very useful since they are provided online and  have free access. The overall number of students whо took part in all three testing phases of the survey is 339. The collected feedback from the survey shows that most of the participants like the Digital Toolkit and find it very useful as well as the main topics,  interactive exercises, video materials and the five language version of the glossary. For example 47% of the participants gave a score of 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) on the main topic information, practical exercises, video materials and the glossary. From this collected data BEE VET’s team can state that the development of the Toolkit is going well and it’s structured and developed according to students liking and expectation and can be of great use during the learning process at VET schools. Of course thе results doesn’t eliminate the opportunity for further improvements so that the Toolkit it can be used by even a greater amount of students, teachers and to provide even better results and knowledge among the people using it.


The BEE VET Digital Toolkit contains 12 themes with synthesized information on current topics and practical application of innovative materials and technologies (green, sustainable and energy efficient construction materials and resources) in the field of construction. The topics contain interactive practices, a library with links to demos and video guides, exercises for self-assessment and a free online glossary in all 5 languages (English, Bulgarian, German, Turkish and Slovak). The Digital Toolkit offers free access and also users don’t need a registration to use it. These characteristics make the output very useful and accessible for everyone who wants to increase their knowledge in this field or just practice.