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More than 150 VET students from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Turkey took part in the 1st testing phase of BEE VET Digital Toolkit

1st testing phase of BEE VET Digital Toolkit

The first testing of BEE VET Digital Toolkit was successfully completed. More than 150 students from Bulgaria, Slovakia and Turkey took part in it. The testing was conducted online due to COVID situation. You can see below summarized information from the participating VET schools in testing phase:


SGSAG, Bulgaria

More than 50 students from 9th, 10th and 11th grade took part in the first testing phase of BEE Vet Digital Toolkit. They worked with the developed materials in the following topics: Thermal insulation, Internal plasters, Plastering, Extreme Covers.


Anna Georgieva and Fani Oncheva – VET teachers in the school gave feedback to the Digital Toolkit:

„It was extremely useful and fun for the students to use BEE VET Digital Toolkit during the learning process. It is suitable for both theoretical and practical training. For some students it served as a source of basic knowledge, for others as a summary and exercise. The students liked the fact that there were various exercises and interesting practical performances. The videos were very useful and recreated a real learning environment. The dictionary with foreign words served very well the students studying the professional foreign language.

The participating students also gave high score of the developed training materials and most of them shared that the Toolkit helped them to increase and expand their theoretical and practical knowledge in each of the topics.


Ortakoy, Turkey

A study was conducted with 11th and 12th grade students, 43 in total. Some of 12th graders were working in the company settled inside the school, and requested from their managers to join them in participating the workshop, rest of the students joined the testing online from their homes or traineeships.

A study on 5 topics (Thermal insulation, Waterproofing, Renovation, restoration, Roofing and Waterproofing of pipes) was carried out with the students, and tasks were provided on Zoom.

The workshop started with an opening speech from Ercan KÜÇÜKARSLAN, project manager of the school, giving information about the concept of BEEVET, activities, upcoming testing phases, etc. Emrah ÇETİNER, VET Teacher who is one of the main developers of the contents, shared his presentation informing about the project, partners and all the topics produced in BEEVET project. After that presentation, Ali İhsan COŞKUN who is the second developer, guided students to test the Digital Toolkit with all aspects and exercises. All the questions at the end of the topic were answered and students tested their knowledge. Ercan KÜÇÜKARSLAN in company of 2 ICT teachers – Murat SÜZGÜN and Ahmet Okan YAVUZ, assisted the presenters to provide necessary equipment, Internet connection, smart board, etc. in order not to face any technical issues.

The students described the training materials as innovative, interesting and useful.


SPSSG, Slovakia

Online training with the developed materials in BEE VET Digital Toolkit was conducted with students from Stredná priemyselná škola stavebná a geodetická, Slovakia. The students worked with materials in 3 topics: Thermal Insulation, Extreme Covers and Internal Plasters.


During the testing the young professionals had the opportunity to choose between different exercises. Like their peers in Bulgaria and Turkey, they also gave a high score to the developed training materials.