FH JOANNEUM (FHJ) is one of Austria`s leading universities of applied sciences which considers the production of knowledge and passing it on, as well as research and training, as processes, which are inseparably connected with each other, they enrich and strengthen each other. FHJ is committed to stimulating innovation through R&D in order to meet sustainability goals and societal needs in line with the principle 'from idea to implementation'. Education provided by FHJ is based on permanent transfer of knowledge between teaching and R&D.

Having been the first university offering cooperative study programs in Austrian Higher Education, this specific competence in development and implementation of work based education has led to numerous project partnerships and membership in international bodies in the field like the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE). FHJ is host of conference part of the European Network of Cooperative and Work Integrated Higher Education.

The University has more than 600 employees and offers about 45 Master, Bachelor and Diploma degree programmes in the areas of Business & Technology and Information Engineering. FH JOANNEUM already participated in a high number of EU projects in which it acted as coordinator and as partner. Therefore, the organization can rely on many years of experience and highly qualified staff when it comes to EU projects incl. such where participation of private and R&D companies is envisaged.

Based on that experience the FHJ can provide valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of development of training materials that incorporate best innovative practices from the Construction sector thus providing an effective link between schools and businesses. FH JOANNEUM is one of the first universities of applied sciences in Austria to extend its quality management system with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model. The entire university achieved the level ‘Recognised for Excellence 4*’ in 2018 and is now rising to the challenge to maintain and further improve this performance. FHJ also reached the level of quality required for the Austrian Excellence Award 2018. It was included in the list of Austria´s excellent companies http://www.staatspreis.com and is entitled to use the logo “Exzellentes Unternehmen Österreichs 2018“. FHJ underwent an audit according to Sec 22 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG) in 2016. The internal quality management system was certified by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (certification valid until 19 September 2023).

On the project FH JOANNEUM will work with two in-house institutes. One is the "ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios" - a research and development institute of the FHJ that focuses its interests in the area of eLearning (Online Education and Training). The research activities of the ZML team focuss more and more on self-directed learning scenarios and emergent and connectivist approaches which are an ideal pedagogical basis for learning with videogames. The second institute is the Institute of Applied Production Technologies at FH JOANNEUM. The future research topics of the Institute include virtual production and “smart factory“ in industry 4.0, flexible production in terms of innovative manufacturing technologies and methods, cooperative education in engineering. The degree programmes at the Institute provide practice-oriented learning in close collaboration with committed industrial partner companies.




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