Topic 2. Interior Plasters

Types of interior plasters

1) According to the binder material

  • lime
  • lime – cement
  • lime – gypsum
  • gypsum
  • polymer

2) According to the number of layers

  • one-layer plaster
  • two-layer plaster (1st layer – core layer and 2nd layer face layer)
  • multi-layer plaster

3) According to the plaster finish

  • rough/ smooth cast finish
  • decorative cast finish
  • structured cast finish

4) According to the method of preparation

  • Designed mixes – all components are measured and mixed on site according to pre-designed quantities
  • Ready made dry plaster mixtures – the required amount of water is added to the dry mixture according to the technical specifications of the product
  • Ready made paste-base mixtures – ready for direct use without the addition of water