EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA Ltd. (“Expol”) is a Slovak professional publishing house active in the field of education and training. Expol was founded in February 1997 as a textbooks publishing house and for 22 years, it has been one of the largest textbook publishers in Slovakia.

In its portfolio, the company has more than 200 titles, textbooks and workbooks with the approval clause of the Ministry of Education of Slovakia designed for primary schools (36 titles), schools for children with special needs (83 titles), secondary vocational schools (75 titles) and high schools (8 titles). Through state investment to public schools, Expol currently has 11% share of the Slovak primary schools’ market, 94% - children with special needs’ market, 58% - high schools’ market and 28% of the VET schools’ market.

We are also developing supporting educational materials, such as various methodologies for teachers. Since 2017, we have been organizing training seminars for teachers all over Slovakia with a focus on working with innovative educational materials. We are implementing annual contracts with the Slovak Ministry of Education and dispatches an average of 172 000 textbooks a year to public schools in the country.

Currently we employ seven full-time staff members. All our employees have many years of experience in the field of education and preparing teaching and learning materials. We also have a large pool of renowned external collaborators, experts in the field of education and training, who have been involved in the development of our products.

We have a large portfolio of textbooks and teaching materials to support the school sector in various fields, among which in Physics, Chemistry, Art Education, etc. In addition, we produce materials targeting students’ with learning difficulties, such as autism. The materials' main aim is to provide teachers with the instruments to ensure inclusive education in the classrooms.




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