Baumit Bulgaria is established in 1995. It is 100% owned by Smidt Industry Holding – Austria. For more than two decades the company shows sustainable development on the market and proves to be a leader in the integration of new technologies and innovations.

Baumit provides a wide range of products for the construction industry – glue and ground coating mixtures for thermoisolation, plasters and paints, tile glues, industrial coatings, products for renovation of historical buildings etc. Baumit provides a complex service including high quality products, logistic support and on-the-spot operations.

Quality management and Environment protection are an integral part of the production processes within the company. Natural resources preservation and energy efficiency are a priority for us. That is supported by constant development of new ideas and innovations contributing for preservation of the resources, better environment protection and lower energy consumption.

In that aspect Baumit relies on one if its most valuable assets – The Research and Development Centre in Vopfing, Austria. Many ideas are developed there and further finalised in our local departments until they reach market maturity. Based on our vision for sustainable development that aspect of our work was expanded in 2015 when The Baumit Viva research Park was established not very far from the Holding premises and from the R&D Centre. The purpose of the Research Park is to create simulations of real situations and to draw conclusions on the interaction between construction materials and environment including the impact on human beings.

Together with the R&D activities described above, Baumit puts serious efforts in the field of VET. The company recognizes the importance of VET as a key condition for ensuring of qualified and skilled employees. In 2008 a VET Centre was established and recognized by the Bulgarian national authorities. It provides trainings in the field of construction materials, thermo systems, construction compounds and mixtures. More than 700 construction workers have completed these programmes in a total of more than 60 training courses.

Baumit also works in close cooperation with the Sofia University for Architecture, Construction and Geodesy and regularly provides scholarships to university students. Copperation is also well established with Construction VET schools in the country as the company mentors develop theoretical and practical topics related to construction materials and the technologies for their use and present them in the schools.




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