RAABE Bulgaria LTD is specialised in publishing professional and methodological literature in the field of education and training to cover various vocational fields. The company is also very experienced in organising trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences targeting directors and teachers of education institutions, the public sector, as well as enterprise managers.


Since 1996, RAABE Bulgaria has been one of the most dynamically developing publishing houses on Bulgarian market. The company is a subsidiary of the German holding Klett Lernen und Information GmbH, which is part of the publishing group Ernst Klett AG, based in Stuttgart, Germany. Today the Klett Group has turned from a little family business into one of the biggest suppliers of educational services and resources in Europe and consists of 61 companies at 36 sites in 14 countries, whose main business purpose and mission is Education. The Group companies employ a workforce of 2,878 people and generates a turnover of € 449.9 million.


In Bulgaria, we offer more than 40 products and 250 training topics to our customers. Our key objective is to be a reliable partner in the continuous process of lifelong learning, by developing practical and innovative literature to address the needs of the education and training sector and bringing it a step closer to the “world of work”.

During the last 10 years RAABE has developed a solid programme with seminars and trainings also for the private sector. They are focused on the practical application of knowledge in practice with many examples and advice. During the last 3 years the total number of clients is more than 1100 from 300 different private companies.


We have a team of 25 highly qualified professionals in different areas (research specialists, authors, editors, event organisers and managers, IT specialists, on-line marketing specialists). The main activities and achievements of our team are:


- information products – manuals with replaceable pages, single editions, thematic series and CD’s;

- training program that involves more than 200 topics for teachers and over 50 themes for school directors and school management teams;

- more than 4000 successful training seminars for schools (general and VET);

- over 45 000 trained teachers in different topics, addressing specific needs for further development of various professional and horizontal competencies.

Over the years our company has proved to be a leader in the field of continuous training in school education and VET and has established reliable contacts with over 70% of all schools in the country, as well as with all regional structures of the Ministry of Education and Science.


The principle of “lifelong learning” is now the main principle for every professional. We strongly believe that this is the only way to achieve high effectiveness and competitiveness, although the strive for further development, innovation and quality is sometimes difficult to follow – considering the enormous flow of information and the daily routine in business. Therefore, RAABE Bulgaria offers to its target groups professionally designed and developed, tested, and validated products – a fact that has made RAABE Bulgaria successful partner to support the education, training and professional development of various institutions and businesses.


In order to complete our activity in accordance with the international standards for quality assurance we are certified in ISO management system standards EN ISO 9001:2008.



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Ortaköy 80.Yıl MTAL is a vocational and industrial high school with 1200 students, located on the way of Samsun-Kırıkkale, in a rural area of Ankara. It also provides adult education (for age 20+) to the learners who have no chance to get their education at daytime because of their ongoing working life. Most of the students come from the underdeveloped area of the city whose families have lowlevel income and educational background. It is an area that appears very cheap to live in, for the population which comes from the outside of the city esp. from the far east regions of Turkey to settle down, Syrian refugees also nowadays getting training around the school.


The School has also finished several major projects – it was a coordinator of a 2 KA202 SP (www.evet. eu and projects with its own style e-learning platform), a 1 KA204 (forming a platform and a partner in a number of projects, e.g. in 3KA202 (,, and another platform is just to provide doctors with a knowledge portal on below the knees vascular surgery diseases), which contributed both for improvement of the staff skills to manage such projects but also for improvement of the quality of VET in the school and for improvement of the students’ skills and knowledge.


Our vocational school covers a number of areas which are oriented to construction and buildings, incl. Electricity - Electronics Technologies, Machinery Technologies, Wood Technologies, Metal Technologies, Climating and Ventilation Technologies. In the recent years the construction sector is developing quite fast and its requirements towards future employees are growing. In the same time the level of interest towards these vocational fields is getting lower. The problem affects both the VET being provided and the construction sector, as the training programmes currently do not sufficiently cover the new and innovative approaches used in construction. That leads to lack of skilled work force in a number of areas, including the field of green, sustainable and energy efficient construction.


Our graduates are most often unprepared for the work they actually face in companies. This is due to the fact that the real work experience, new buildiing materials and construction technologies used by the companies in the sector, have little in common with the training provided in school. At this point, we consider it crucial to develop new/updated topics (training and guiding materials) together with companies and the BEE-VET project would impact tremendously not only our school, but also other VET schools in the region and nationwide.



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Stredná priemyselná škola stavebná a geodetická is a secondary VET school in Bratislava, Slovakia, with 70 years of proffessional history. It provides 4-year VET for students in two vocations, corresponding to ISCED 345 – Construction and Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre.


Currently the school has 250 students and 27 highly qualified teachers. The school makes efforts in tackling with the decreasing level of interest towards VET and has achieved certain success as it has registered diminishing numbers of early leaving students after the first year. Upon completion – the students acquire extensive professional qualification, knowledge, skills and competencies in drafting of technical documentation and designs in the field of construction. They’re also able to organize production processes, to assess construction and building materials, to make budget forecasts. Their training includes work with specialised software products, e.g. - AutoCad, Revit, ALFA plus, Omega, Olymp, Cenkros 4, Microstation, Photomodeler, WinKokeš.


During their education and training the students take part in competitions and contests where often are being awarded for their exquisite work (e.g. National contest - Rodinný dom VELUX, International competition “Design of a house or apartment building by applying the YTONG system”). They also show high results in the competition “Young Entrepreneur”.

The VET shool also aims to conduct the educational process for its students through a number of non-conventional methods, combining theory and practice, motivating the students and making learning more attractive. The school has modern technical equipment at its disposal, incl. 8 computer rooms, 3D printers and interactive board.




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Baumit Bulgaria is established in 1995. It is 100% owned by Smidt Industry Holding – Austria. For more than two decades the company shows sustainable development on the market and proves to be a leader in the integration of new technologies and innovations.


Baumit provides a wide range of products for the construction industry – glue and ground coating mixtures for thermoisolation, plasters and paints, tile glues, industrial coatings, products for renovation of historical buildings etc. Baumit provides a complex service including high quality products, logistic support and on-the-spot operations.

Quality management and Environment protection are an integral part of the production processes within the company. Natural resources preservation and energy efficiency are a priority for us. That is supported by constant development of new ideas and innovations contributing for preservation of the resources, better environment protection and lower energy consumption.


In that aspect Baumit relies on one if its most valuable assets – The Research and Development Centre in Vopfing, Austria. Many ideas are developed there and further finalised in our local departments until they reach market maturity. Based on our vision for sustainable development that aspect of our work was expanded in 2015 when The Baumit Viva research Park was established not very far from the Holding premises and from the R&D Centre. The purpose of the Research Park is to create simulations of real situations and to draw conclusions on the interaction between construction materials and environment including the impact on human beings.


Together with the R&D activities described above, Baumit puts serious efforts in the field of VET. The company recognizes the importance of VET as a key condition for ensuring of qualified and skilled employees. In 2008 a VET Centre was established and recognized by the Bulgarian national authorities. It provides trainings in the field of construction materials, thermo systems, construction compounds and mixtures. More than 700 construction workers have completed these programmes in a total of more than 60 training courses.


Baumit also works in close cooperation with the Sofia University for Architecture, Construction and Geodesy and regularly provides scholarships to university students. Copperation is also well established with Construction VET schools in the country as the company mentors develop theoretical and practical topics related to construction materials and the technologies for their use and present them in the schools.




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Erdemler Soğutma Inc. was established in the Ostim district in 2000. It gradually became one of the distinguished companies on the market with its quality products in the cooling sector. Nowadays the company is developing products that are increasingly improving the quality and the technologies used by the leading companies in the field of construction. In 2012 the company opened a branch in Istanbul and in 2014 a second facility (factory) was put into operation. Thus the company is now one of the leading companies in the cooling industry with more than 15 years of experience and a number of projects carried out both at home and abroad.


The company has approx. 60 employees working in the factory in Ankara, involved in producing equipment for the construction sector. We also have experience in developing large-scale projects that include a design-phase, installation and maintenance of the products, works activities on the spot, provision of additional services.

Erdemler Soğutma Inc.'s main goal is providing excellence in quality. In its production facilities Erdemler is carrying out Cold Storage Panel Manufacturing, Cold Storage Door Manufacturing, and Monoblock Production of Refrigeration Units, Production of Split Type Cooling Units, Industrial-Type Cooling Manufacture of Groups, Production of Shocking Units etc.


Regarding the production processes described above the company pays significant attention to environment protection and energy efficiency. Our solutions are preferred by a number of clients as they generate savings in terms of energy consumption and costs.


Erdemler Soğutma is a well-known company in the field of construction and in air conditioning, air ventilation sector in Ankara, also with several branches in different towns across Turkey. The company has a Project Office Department which works on all latest updates and innovative solutions and technologies and helps for their adaptation and introduction in the production processes of Erdemler. There is also a Training Office Department responsible for the trainings of the staff in order for them to have the necessary skills required for the job at the company.




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EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA Ltd. (“Expol”) is a Slovak professional publishing house active in the field of education and training. Expol was founded in February 1997 as a textbooks publishing house and for 22 years, it has been one of the largest textbook publishers in Slovakia.


In its portfolio, the company has more than 200 titles, textbooks and workbooks with the approval clause of the Ministry of Education of Slovakia designed for primary schools (36 titles), schools for children with special needs (83 titles), secondary vocational schools (75 titles) and high schools (8 titles). Through state investment to public schools, Expol currently has 11% share of the Slovak primary schools’ market, 94% - children with special needs’ market, 58% - high schools’ market and 28% of the VET schools’ market.


We are also developing supporting educational materials, such as various methodologies for teachers. Since 2017, we have been organizing training seminars for teachers all over Slovakia with a focus on working with innovative educational materials. We are implementing annual contracts with the Slovak Ministry of Education and dispatches an average of 172 000 textbooks a year to public schools in the country.


Currently we employ seven full-time staff members. All our employees have many years of experience in the field of education and preparing teaching and learning materials. We also have a large pool of renowned external collaborators, experts in the field of education and training, who have been involved in the development of our products.


We have a large portfolio of textbooks and teaching materials to support the school sector in various fields, among which in Physics, Chemistry, Art Education, etc. In addition, we produce materials targeting students’ with learning difficulties, such as autism. The materials' main aim is to provide teachers with the instruments to ensure inclusive education in the classrooms.



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The Sofia High School of Building, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev” has been established in 1909. The VET schools providers education to approx. 900 students per annum, distributed in the following vocations: Construction/building Technician, Technician in Gardening/Green areas, Geodesist, Real estate broker.


The school provides secondary VET specialists which are sought on the labour market and usually got successfully employed in different fields of construction, architecture, geodesy, real estate due to their professional training received at the school. The mandatory training programme includes Construction of Buildings, Construction materials, Architecture, Water and Road Construction, Construction Technology, Water and Sewerage Systems, Supervision and control of Construction, Geodesy, Cartography, Special Planning, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Real Estate Assessments and others. The students develop skills to make designs and technical projects, to conduct construction activities and to supervise such as well.


The VET staff includes 82 highly qualified experts, incl. Construction Engineers, Architects, Geodesisits, Economists many of which have graduated from the same school. The teachers from the school often take part in working groups, coordinated by public authorities, and have developed a number of VET training plans and programmes. Some of them are authors of textbooks in the field of “construction technicians” and “geodesists”.


The school is well equipped with computer classrooms (75 working places in total), work-shop areas and a library. Thus the students develop good digital and language skills (incl. an option for studying a second foreign language). They also learn to work with a number of specialised software products like AutoCad, Revit Building, Building Manager, Vectorworks etc.


The students take part in a number of extra-curricular activities which help for improvement of their professional competencies and communication skills (e.g. European club, School Parliament, The Debate Club; other competitions like: Your Class, Best Young Builder, I can build etc.). In a number of cases they have received awards in these events, incl. for best eco-innovation in Junior Achievement Bulgaria Contest.


The school maintains close link to business and takes part in the annual events of The Week of Construction in Bulgaria. Partners of the schools are companies which are confirmed leaders and brands on the market, such as: Wienerberger, San Marco, Henkel Bulgaria, Ceresit, Baumit, Ytong, PipeLife.


The Sofia High School of Building, Architecture and Geodesy “Hristo Botev” has experience and has taken part in a number of international projects incl. Transnational mobility – practice for Eco Constructions (LdV, 2007, BG/06/A/PL/16066), "Construction - IT Green" “Multimedia and e-training materials in the construction of green buildings (LdV, UK/06/B/P/PP-162_605), "HELP" – HOLISTIC ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNING PATHWAYS (LLP-2012-LEO-MP-19), Mobile and Successful in Europe, together with the construction chamber in Bulgaria (2017-1-BG01-KA 102-036073), Erasmus + Mobility - Reconstruction of existing buildings in energy-efficient (2017-1-BG01-KA102-035909).


The teachers support the professional developments of its students by providing them with practical experience in the field of energy efficiency and the latest trends in that area. In that aspect the school is aspired to adapt and to improve the existing training plans despite the lack of sufficient and mostly structured information on the subject.



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FH JOANNEUM (FHJ) is one of Austria`s leading universities of applied sciences which considers the production of knowledge and passing it on, as well as research and training, as processes, which are inseparably connected with each other, they enrich and strengthen each other. FHJ is committed to stimulating innovation through R&D in order to meet sustainability goals and societal needs in line with the principle 'from idea to implementation'. Education provided by FHJ is based on permanent transfer of knowledge between teaching and R&D.


Having been the first university offering cooperative study programs in Austrian Higher Education, this specific competence in development and implementation of work based education has led to numerous project partnerships and membership in international bodies in the field like the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE). FHJ is host of conference part of the European Network of Cooperative and Work Integrated Higher Education.


The University has more than 600 employees and offers about 45 Master, Bachelor and Diploma degree programmes in the areas of Business & Technology and Information Engineering. FH JOANNEUM already participated in a high number of EU projects in which it acted as coordinator and as partner. Therefore, the organization can rely on many years of experience and highly qualified staff when it comes to EU projects incl. such where participation of private and R&D companies is envisaged.


Based on that experience the FHJ can provide valuable knowledge and expertise in the field of development of training materials that incorporate best innovative practices from the Construction sector thus providing an effective link between schools and businesses. FH JOANNEUM is one of the first universities of applied sciences in Austria to extend its quality management system with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model. The entire university achieved the level ‘Recognised for Excellence 4*’ in 2018 and is now rising to the challenge to maintain and further improve this performance. FHJ also reached the level of quality required for the Austrian Excellence Award 2018. It was included in the list of Austria´s excellent companies and is entitled to use the logo “Exzellentes Unternehmen Österreichs 2018“. FHJ underwent an audit according to Sec 22 of the Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education (HS-QSG) in 2016. The internal quality management system was certified by the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (certification valid until 19 September 2023).


On the project FH JOANNEUM will work with two in-house institutes. One is the "ZML-Innovative Learning Scenarios" - a research and development institute of the FHJ that focuses its interests in the area of eLearning (Online Education and Training). The research activities of the ZML team focuss more and more on self-directed learning scenarios and emergent and connectivist approaches which are an ideal pedagogical basis for learning with videogames. The second institute is the Institute of Applied Production Technologies at FH JOANNEUM. The future research topics of the Institute include virtual production and “smart factory“ in industry 4.0, flexible production in terms of innovative manufacturing technologies and methods, cooperative education in engineering. The degree programmes at the Institute provide practice-oriented learning in close collaboration with committed industrial partner companies.



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