Topic 8 Products for gardens and landscapes

Main properties of drainage solutions and adhesives, and paving slabs

Main properties of drainage solutions and adhesives:

  1. Consistency – according to the application of the drainage solution:

– for paving – the consistency must be adjusted so that when making a ball with your hands, it does not fall apart or spill.

– for natural stone slabs or concrete slabs – hard elastic consistency.

  1. High water permeability – prevention of accumulation of moisture in the paving base. Rapid drainage of surface water must be ensured.
  2. Resistance to root systems.
  3. Frost resistant.
  4. Grain size of the powder solution.


Main characteristics of paving slabs:

  1. Durability – minimum compressive strength and tensile strength.
  2. Easy maintenance – possibility for cleaning with a water jet.
  3. Frost resistance.
  4. Resistance to abrasion, wear and discoloration.