Where is Waterproofing applied?

Waterproofing is applied in areas where water can enter our buildings. These being: walls in contact with the soil, foundations and floors sitting on the ground, exterior walls below the level where water can accumulate outside the building, balconies, terraces and sloping roofs, and wet areas such as bathrooms and sinks. Another application area of ​​waterproofing is structures such as water tanks, artificial ponds and pools that we want to keep the water inside.


While waterproofing can be done easily afterward, it is necessary to dig around the building to insulate the parts remaining under the ground. In order to insulate the lower part of the foundation, the building must be removed altogether, which is not possible in today’s conditions. Therefore, it is more appropriate to make such insulation before the building is built.


Where are the waterproofing materials being installed?

  • Foundations
  • Flat roofs
  • External walls