Articles from February 2020

Quiz: What do you know about VET?


Are you familiar with the main principles and ideas of vocational education and training (VET)? Put yourself to the European comissions’ test, created specifically for European Vocational Skills Week 2020.   After completing the test you will receive a summary of the result, as well as you’ll find interesting and

What is energy efficiency?

Енергийна ефективност - еко крушки

The term “energy efficiency” is used a lot these days. Labels on appliances, advertisements from energy companies and even promises from the government all use the phrase, but what does it really mean?   Energy efficiency, means using less energy to provide the same level of energy. It is therefore

Main objectives of BEE VET project

преподавател в професионална гимназия

The construction sector plays an important role in the European economy as it generates almost 10% of GDP and provides approx. 20 million jobs (see COM/2012/0433 final). In the same time Cedefop’s 2016 Skills Forecast suggests that employment in construction will grow during 2015-2025, Member States will need to replace